Barbara Matijević & Giuseppe Chico [HR/FR]




Sparkling history

Last year Barbara Matijević and Giuseppe Chico were guests at Spoken World with the first two parts of the trilogy Theory of a performance to come or The only way to avoid the massacre is to become its authors? In it they attempt to get a grip on our era, which is dominated by the media and consumption. We are extremely pleased to have these sparkling and fantastical lecture-performances back on the bill and present you with the brand new final part.

Second part: Tracks

Matijević and Chico give an associative view of how they experienced 1989, the year the Wall fell and the world was turned upside down. Their material consists of authentic and fictional audio documents either made in 1989 or related to it by content: pop songs, excerpts from radio and TV shows, private recordings and so on. This second part concentrates on sound.

• Barbara Matijević comes from Croatia and studied literature and dance. She has collaborated, among others, with Boris Charmatz, Joris Lacoste, David Hernandez and Bojan Jabanovec. Giuseppe Chico comes from Italy. He has lived and worked in Paris since 2000. He studied composition with Joao Fiadeiro and Joris Lacoste, and worked with George Appaix and Mille Plateaux Associés.

Part 1 (I AM 1984) is presented on Wednesday, March 2nd; part 3 (Forecasting) on Saturday, March 5th.

concept, performance Barbara Matijević, Giuseppe Chico | sound design Giuseppe Chico & Damir Šimunović | artistic collaboration Saša Božić | production de facto (Zagreb); 1er stratageme | executive production Marie Roche / Grand Ensemble  | commission Kaaitheater | co-production Kaaitheater, Eurokaz festival (Zagreb), Museum of Contemporary Art (Zagreb), Art Radionica Lazareti (Dubrovnik)