Tristero [BE]



20.03 – 23.03.2013

I am of average height, not wooden, and well built.
I have naturally curly brown hair that is thick and long enough to pass as a fine head of hair.
In my eyes there is something sad and a certain pride, which makes most people believe I am rather disdainful, which is absolutely not the case.
I’m intelligent and am not afraid to say so openly because what’s the point of beating about the bush?

In Toestand a woman takes a good look at herself. She analyses herself with detachment and reveals herself in all sincerity to her audience. She promises to be objective and to confine herself to the facts. External features can be verified. But is this not an illusion? Doesn’t the truth lie precisely in what she does not reveal? Is what you see not mainly your own image of her? And what if she doesn’t stick to the agreements? Toestand sets out in search of what takes place just under the surface.

van Kristien De Proost, i.s.m. Youri Dirkx & Peter Vandenbempt | tekst Kristien De Proost | spel Kristien De Proost & Mark De Proost |ontwerp kapsel & make-up Marie Messien |decor- en kostuumontwerp Marie Szersnovicz | lichtontwerp Harry Cole| techniek Bart Luypaert & Wout Janssens (stagiair), Peter Fol & Chris Segers |constructie decor Bart Luypaert, Wout Janssens & Koen Raes |teaser & videocaptatie Mathias Ruelle | vertaling naar het Frans Martine  Blom | scènefoto's Mirjam Devriendt | productie Tristero | coproductie Kaaitheater & Campo

Thanks to Compagnie De Koe, Diana Raspoet, Jef Lembrecht, Peter Connely, Tine Van Aerschot en Abke Haring.