Els Dietvorst [BE/IE]

The Black Lamb

The documentary-maker and artist Els Dietvorst recently moved from Brussels to Ireland. From a sheep farm in Duncormick she is working on a film project and you can keep up with how it's going on her website. The project further explores the often anti-utopian themes of her early film work: social-civil conflict and the everyday fight for survival. Once again, she starts from a fascination with outsiders – people who make a radical change in their life and end up somewhere on the margins of society. For The Black Lamb Dietvorst shadows several of her neighbours in their daily work and lives (and survival). She sketches a picture of the current human condition in Ireland, but also of people and nature in the 21st century. At Burning Ice # 5 she will be showing her website-in-progress.

 ‘…In a way, she could be thought of as a daughter of Joseph Beuys and his concept of “social democracy”. Like Beuys, Els is interested in art as a social process, one that engages the viewer/participant with their environment and the politics of everyday life. Her work stands outside the art establishment. She is not interested in being an art star and making collectable objects. Rather she is interested in communication, in making art that connects individuals and instigates conversation, that acts critically and serves society. ’ – Susan Canning