Kaaitheater opened its doors in March 2021 to FOR ALL QUEENS!, an organisation whose aims include developing the ballroom community in Brussels. In two days time, they put together a film that takes you through three rooms each with a different view on what ballroom culture is. After the summer you can experience the film yourself in our theatre.

Contemporary ballroom culture originated in New York. A young African-American and Latin queer audience gathered in dance halls to express themselves in different categories. From Bazaar over Lip sync and Vogue Fem to Face, there was room for everyone. The main trailblazers were black trans, gender non-conforming and femme persons.

To this day, house and ball culture remains a very active movement that has spread to Europe and is now finding a home in Brussels at the initiative of FOR ALL QUEENS! During Covid, however, it has been impossible to organise balls – and thus difficult to pass on the power of this world. So FOR ALL QUEENS! looked for another way to inspire and educate their community, resulting in this sizzling ballroom film.

Now, the time has finally come. You can experience the première of SO YOU WANNA VOGUE, HUH?! in the very place where it was recorded, Kaaitheater. The film is a signal against the colonisation of ballroom, and therefore has queer people from the African sub-sahara (and diaspora) at the centre. Want to learn more about this community and culture? Then you'll learn what the do's & don'ts are, gain insight into the history, and see that that duckwalk does not have to be so bouncy.

• FOR ALL QUEENS! is an art, event & consultancy non-profit organisation, which views the world from a Subsaharan diasporic non-heteronormative lens. The organisation is the initiator of the Brussels Ballroom Community and the FOR ALL QUEENS! Pride Festival.

Turn your misery into joy, your exclusion into innovation. The ballroom is the mantra ‘build your own table’ personified.


cast Mother Naimah Milan, Perry Gits, Princess Gaby Vineyard, Legendary Pioneering Mother Lasseindra Ninja | voice over Zelda Fitzgerald | produced by For All Queens!, Kaaitheater & Enfant Terrible Films | directors Ila Pittaluga & Zelda Fitzgerald | assistant director Arnold Arakaza | production assistant Prince Mugande | director of pohotography & camera operator Ilton Kabassa Do Rosario | camera operator Diane Vos | gaffer Simon Donceel | sound engineer Inès Degives | editor Amber van Acker | colour grade Denis van Vreden | audio mix & master Joris De Meester | photographers Teta Blémont & Blaize Turimkwe-Burezi | set design Zelda Fitzgerald | set decorator Nelson Polfliet | wardrobe styling J.D. Ankomah, Tricia Mokosi, Buycurious & Sisi Johanna | key make-up artist Emma Catry | assistant make-up artist Rama Kourouma