La Petite Bande [Leuven]

Schütz religious, Monteverdi secular

Schütz religious, Monteverdi secular
Schütz religious, Monteverdi secular


La Petite Bande with works by Schütz, Monteverdi and their contemporaries

Since it was founded by Sigiswald Kuijken in 1972, the baroque orchestra La Petite Bande, one of the pioneers of ‘authentic performance’, has built up an impressive repertoire. It includes both French and Italian baroque music and also greats like Haydn, Mozart and Bach.

In spring 2007 La Petite Bande will be presenting work from the German and Italian Baroque in the Kaaitheater. The first part will concentrate on the religious work of Heinrich Schütz and several of his contemporaries. The second part is devoted to the secular music of Monteverdi and his Italian contemporaries. In addition to a selection from Monteverdi’s seventh and eighth books of madrigals, the programme also includes Rossi, Frescobaldi and Marini a.o.

chef d'orchestre Sigiswald Kuijken
ténor Christoph Genz
bariton Stephan Genz
oeuvres de Andreas Hammerschmidt, Philipp Friedrich Böddecker, Johann Rudolf Ahle, Salomone Rossi, Heinrich Schütz, Johann Hermann Schein, Claudio Monteverdi, Dario Castello, Girolamo Frescobaldi, Biagio Marini
coproduction Bozar Music & Kaaitheater