Gaëtan Bulourde [FR/BE]

Robert Plant

06.06 – 07.06.2012

‘It all started in my garage, when I was listening to a radio programme about obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). This turned out to be the first step on a winding path where I came across a white bear, a green plant, and lots of folks answering to the name of Robert and asking me to follow them. Robert Plant is the result of this spiritual journey, and of the many sidetracks that the spectator – an immobile traveller – can choose either to follow or to ignore.’

• Gaëtan Bulourde (1968) is a mathematician and musician by training. Since 1998 he has been initiating projects at the intersection of dance, theatre, sound art and performance. He has appeared as a performer in work by Meg Stuart, Xavier Le Roy, Maria-Clara Villa Lobos, Thomas Lehmen and Christian Rizzo.

author and performer Gaëtan Bulourde | assistant and performer Valérie Castan | musician composer Fred Bigot | programming, robotic and interactive support Cécile Guigny | light designer Sylvie Garot | vocal coach Anja Kowalsky | recorder coach Manuela Bucher | production management Mathilde Maillard, Cinzia Maroni, Drop Production | support Kaaitheater, Buda (Kortrijk), wpZimmer (Antwerpen), CECN (Mons), Vooruit (Gent), la Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles, de Vlaamse Gemeenschap, VGC| special thanks Jennifer Gay, Carine Meulders, Ive Stevenheydens, Katleen Van Langendonck, Valérie Vernimme, Tracee Westmoreland