Vinciane Despret + Didier Demorcy [BE]

Que diraient les animaux si…? + video/installation


Do animals have a sense of humour?

The philosopher Vinciane Despret (Liège University) provides a powerful prelude for Burning Ice #6 with her talk What would animals answer if we asked them the right questions? In her book of the same title, she asks 26 intriguing and pertinent questions about what animals do, want and ‘think’. This yields marvellous and sometimes hilarious stories, told by scientists, animal-tamers, zookeepers, etc. Stories that make it apparent that animals ‘ne sont pas si bêtes que ça…’ and perhaps even have their own sense of humour. Stories that make us think. You will never see your dog in the same way again. 
Didier Demorcy
Non Sheepish Sheep – Thelma Rowell + The Enclosure - Wolves as Individuals 
We are screening two short documentaries, one on sheep, one on wolves, made in 2005 by the film-maker and activist Didier Demorcy, to which Vinciane Despret also contributed.
Didier Demorcy
Vital Phantasy: A stitched Story between Animism, Evolutionism and More-Than-Human Earth…
Video installation, 2010-2012, throughout the Burning Ice Festival
Demorcy guides us through the principles of evolution in a video installation that radically alters our perception of nature.