Pieter T’Jonck in conversation with the Superamas


Artists reveal themselves in their work. They give us a glimpse of what
is going on in their minds, in their hearts. They inspire us. But who or
what inspires them? This season, we are launching a new series of
conversations with artists: Soul Food. On a Saturday evening, the table
is set. Artists enter into an intimate discussion with an interviewer.

For Soul Food#2, Superamas will reveal their sources of
inspiration and great examples to interviewer Pieter T'Jonck (De
Morgen). There will be food and drinks. And the artists choose the

The Superamas French-Austrian performer collective was set up in 1999. In their often ironic performances they combine theatre and dance with elements from the media and entertainment, art and politics, and play a clever game with the viewer’s fantasies and desires.

• Pieter T’Jonck is an architect and dance and theatre critic for De Morgen newspaper.

Price: € 12, meal included (performance not included).
This is followed by the performance 'THEATRE'.