Never Walk Alone #7: Fourfold


Fourfold (Autonomous Scenography) is a generator of scenographies, a machine that constantly produces different images. Image, sound, language and light do not aim to represent something, but to generate a reality in complete freedom. Meryem Bayram creates a field of tension between the known and the unknown, with points of both help and hindrance. For this production – and to celebrate the 20th anniversary of S.M.A.K. – she is collaborating with artist Guy Rombouts.

• Meryem Bayram is a visual artist, curator and scenographer. A recurring theme in her work is the investigation of the common ground between abstraction and figuration. She studied in Antwerp at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and the Municipal Institute of Decorative Arts and Crafts. As a visual artist she participated in exhibitions in Vooruit (Ghent), the TheaterFestival (Antwerp), The Tunnel arts festival (Istanbul), to name but a few.

concept Meryem Bayram | objects & performance Guy Rombouts & Meryem Bayram | production 0090 platform