Alexander Lonquich & Philipp Gehmacher & Salva Sanchis & Johanne Saunier

Mozart Choreographies

Mozart Choreographies
Mozart Choreographies


Mozart’s keyboard works form the thread that runs through the programme. Three choreographic works, a solo, a duet and a trio, form an ode to the master, with piano accompaniment by Alexander Lonquich.

Philipp Gehmacher lives and works in Vienna, but studied at the London Contemporary Dance School and the Laban Centre in London. Last season he was at the Kaaitheater with his production Incubator.

Salva Sanchis studied theatre in Spain and dance at P.A.R.T.S. He regularly works with Marc Vanrunxt and dances with Rosas. At Rosas he was a co-choreographer on Desh and A Love Supreme.

Johanne Saunier also danced for Rosas for some time, and later for Michèle Anne de Mey, Claudio Bernardo and others too. She has received the Bagnolet Choreography Prize for her own work.

Philipp Gehmacher & Alexander Lonquich - das überkreuzen beyder hände
chorégraphie, danse Philipp Gehmacher
musique W. A. Mozart, Fantaisie en C bis (KV 475)
piano Alexander Lonquich
dramaturgie Berno Odo Polzer
éclairage Victor Duran

Salva Sanchis & Alexander Lonquich - Ten Variations in G

chorégraphie Salva Sanchis
danse Manon Santkin & Salva Sanchis
musique W. A. Mozart, Zehn Variationen für Klavier, ‘Unser dummer Pöbel meint’ (KV 455)
piano Alexander Lonquich
éclairage Jim Clayburgh & Salva Sanchis

Johanne Saunier & Alexander Lonquich - Urban Bubbles - A study in old and new listening techniques
chorégraphie Johanne Saunier
danse Julie Verbinnen, Beniamin Boar &  Johanne Saunier
musique W. A. Mozart, Sonate ‘La Mineur’ (KV 310)
piano Alexander Lonquich
éclairage, scénographie Jim Clayburgh

Szene Salzburg, Internationale Stiftung Mozarteum, ImPulsTanz - Vienna International Dance Festival
coproduction Charleroi Danses (Johanne Saunier) et Rosas vzw (Salva Sanchis)
avec le soutien du BKA Kunst