Boris Charmatz & Cosmin Costinaș

It is a kind of luxury to have a museum-in-progress


When the choreographer Boris Charmatz became the director of the Centre Choréographique in Rennes in 2009, he changed it name to Musée de la danse. Charmatz talks to Cosmin Costinaș, curator of BAK (Base for Contemporary Art) in Utrecht, about the reasons for changing the name and about two of its projects: expo zéro and Brouillon.
expo zéro is an exhibition without objects, a think-tank of artists from various disciplines. In Brouillon performers ‘activate’ an exhibition-in-progress showing works of art.
An opening discussion that sets the tone for this festival.
Charmatz: ‘A museum not only organises the memory, it also questions it, and also collection-oriented practices. I believe that the body is ultimately the only true space for a dance museum; not just a body that is able to remember the choreographic pieces it has seen or learned, but one that is built on the gaps in the memory.’