Nora Sternfeld & Florian Malzacher

Imagining Common Institutions and Commoning them Now Exercises for Curatorial Decisions

Imagining Common Institutions and Commoning them Now
Imagining Common Institutions and Commoning them Now


Nora Sternfeld and Florian Malzacher invite you to become curators and to take a decision during a lecture, followed by a workshop. Curators today are mostly functionaries of a neoliberal cultural field, they are facilitators, managers, organisers – but they are also activists, educators, critical researchers and artistic collaborators.

The question is now what to do with this function in a moment of conflict. Should we – as curators – use it to emphasize struggles, to silence them, or for something else? And if we are placed at the intersection of reproducing power on the one hand and reclaiming radical change on the other, on which side are we on?

• Nora Sternfeld is an educator and curator. She is professor for art education at the HFBK (University of Fine Arts) Hamburg and publishes on contemporary art, exhibitions, politics of history, educational theory, and anti-racism. Florian Malzacher is an independent performing arts curator, dramaturge and writer. From 2013-2017 he was artistic director of Impulse Theater Festival, and from 2006-2012 the co-programmer of steirischer herbst. He published several books on theatre, art, politics and curating.