Gérald Kurdian

HOT BODIES - TV Live TV broadcast



At the beginning of this year, HOT BODIES - TV invited a number of woodworking and motor vehicle mechanics students from the Saint Joseph Institute in Etterbeek. Gérald Kurdian joined forces with the Kunstenfestivaldesarts for this project. The group is now presenting a utopian fanzine as a conclusion of the collaboration. HOT BODIES - TV is a collectively constituted, living archive. At the intersection of artwork, social justice and new ecologies for the future, this live TV series stimulates conversations between people from different European contexts. Kurdian conceived of HOT BODIES - TV as a multifaceted TV format, with every episode focusing on different guests. Episode after episode, this creates an expanding archive, subdivided into four playlists that coincide with as many strategies of ecofeminist activism: occupy, heal, celebrate and transform.

• Gérald Kurdian lives and works in Paris and Brussels. He studied visual arts at the École nationale supérieure d’arts de Paris-Cergy. Kurdian is currently developing HOT BODIES OF THE FUTURE !, a performative and musical research cycle about alternative forms of sexuality and queer micropolitics.

concept & performance Gérald Kurdian & Tarek X | together with the St. Joseph Institute 7th grade students (Etterbeek): Shendrit Abazaj, Serhan Akin, Hakim Belgharbi, Sherif Ben Chaouch, Miguel Carvalheira Costa, Julien Cocq, Igor De Almeida Oliveira, Nicola De Witte, Ilyas Essabiri, Thaïs Hourt, Soner Sabriev, Vincent Stukkens, Zakaria Taoussi, Thomas Thiry, Alex Trykozko, and their teachers: Marie-Christine Maton & Laurent Gielis | production Tiphaine Gagne / Hot Bodies of the Future, Bandits Mages, Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Institut Saint Joseph | presented by Kunstenfestivaldesarts & Kaaitheater in the framework of News From Home