Lucinda Ra [BE]



22.06 – 24.06.2018

To close the season, the occasional collective Lucinda Ra is organizing an open studio for three days. You are free to come in and out, take an audio tour (in Dutch or French), join the conversations, or just to listen and watch the music, animated films, short presentations, and visual work. The kitchen – which forms the heart of the project – will be open throughout and is free. You can contribute your own ingredients: a ticket for Grondwerk costs 250 grams of food.

• The loose-fixed collective Lucinda Ra consists of an eclectic group of authors, directors and musicians. Lucinda Ra member Simon Allemeersch has performed at the Kaaistudios before, in De brievenschrijver/Letter home (2016), a collaboration with Globe Aroma.

Precise hours, guests and programme will continue to come in until the very last moment.

Fri 22/06
Simon Allemeersch Rabot 4-358  [theatre, in English]
Maarten De Vrieze Ouvidor [documentary] + talk on Brussels' squatters' movements
Giovanni Barcella & Jeroen Van Herzeele [jazz]

Sat 23/06
The Ostend Street Orkestra Toso [concert]
Stefanie Claes a.o. De stille fanfare  [concert]
Barbara Claes & Paola Bartoletti Akaaremoertoe Bahikoeroe [theatre]
Barbara Claes, Philiippe Flachet & Kaat Arnaert Jordy [performance, in Dutch, subtitled in French]
Giovanni Barcella & Jeroen Van Herzeele [jazz]

Sun 24/06
Giovanni Barcella & Jeroen Van Herzeele [jazz]
And then witnesses bring a report of the past week.

Lucinda Ra is Giovanni Barcella, Jeroen van Herzeele, Brigitte Mys, Stefanie Claes, Simon Allemeersch, Mario Debaene, Maarten De Vrieze & Barbara Claes  | co-production Vooruit & KAAP