Garden, Parckdesign 2012 & Burning Ice

Gardening The Urban Fabric


Our cities contain many unofficial leisure spaces. These bits of wasteland have become increasingly popular with social and cultural societies and action groups. They often work with local residents to create public parks, or link up to the allotment tradition and grow vegetables on them. ‘Civil society’ in Brussels is also involved in all sorts of small-scale initiatives.

Garden, Parckdesign 2012 (an event which from June to September will be researching what is going on with Brussels’ green space) and Burning Ice will be organising a study day on this topic. In the morning, projects in the canal zone, Kuregem and Molenbeek will be visited by bike. In the afternoon, there will be a debate at the Kaaitheater. Participants will include Raumlabor Berlin, Jeanne Van Heeswijk, Wim Cuyvers, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Lieven De Cauter, Jan Ritsema and many others.

Parckdesign is an event that examines the role of public spaces and green spaces in the Brussels-Capital Region. The 2012 edition opens abandoned sites to the public, and offers artistic and landscaping initiatives there revealing new forms for public spaces in the heart of the neighbourhoods of the canal zone.