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DAVID of hoe we ons bedacht hebben

DAVID of hoe we ons bedacht hebben
DAVID of hoe we ons bedacht hebben

15.02 – 16.02.2022

How do you cope with adult life without putting a bullet through your head at the age of 50? That was the premise of the speech This is water by American cult author David Foster Wallace. Wallace read the text in 2005 at the graduation ceremony of the prestigious Kenyon College. Three years later, he hung himself with a garden hose in his garage. He was 46 years old.

Three companies are putting up three performances about the person and work of David Foster Wallace. The starting point is the author's biography, his addiction, genius, insecurity, depression and hyper-consciousness. The first part, DAVID or how we came to be, explores how to live a meaningful life, a life that is connected to others and to the world, so that you can at least make it to fifty without putting a bullet through your head.

• De KOE is the Antwerp theatre company around Peter Van den Eede, Natali Broods and Willem de Wolf, with a long series of sharp, witty and personal performances on their record. They are often seen at Kaaitheater. It is the first time they join forces with De Nwe Tijd and Hof van Eede - both of whom have already performed at Het TheaterFestival.

Do you think about suicide, and you need a conversation, you can contact the Suicide Line on the number 1813 or via

tekst Willem de Wolf, Wannes Gyselinck, Freek Vielen | spel Willem de Wolf, Suzanne Grotenhuis, Carine van Bruggen, Greg Timmermans, Ans Van den Eede & Freek Vielen | eindregie & scenografie Peter Van den Eede | productie de KOE, Hof Van Eede & De Nwe Tijd | coproductie Het Laatste Bedrijf | deze productie kwam tot stand met de steun van de Tax Shelter maatregel van de Belgische Federale overheid met de hulp van Gallop Tax Shelter