Zita Swoon & Rosas [BE]

Dancing with the Sound Hobbyist

Dancing with the Sound Hobbyist
Dancing with the Sound Hobbyist

25.03 – 27.03.2010

Masterly dialogue

Amidst the flourishing Belgian rock scene of the 1990's, Stef Kamil Carlens founded a new band with a very distinct sound: Zita Swoon. Their numbers mix catchy pop with blues, funk, soul, disco, Afro-Cuban rhythms and raw rock. On stage, the music manifests itself as a glowing groove – hence Zita Swoon's strong reputation for live performances. With Dancing with the Sound Hobbyist, Zita Swoon is exploring a new path and a new collaboration: with Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and her dance company Rosas.

The choreographer coached the two Zita Swoon singers and Rosas dancer Simon Mayer, seen earlier this season at the Kaaitheater in the new Rosas creation. He effortlessly finds his place among the band members of Zita Swoon. They play, largely acoustically, never before heard compositions by Stef Kamil Carlens. Dancing with the Sound Hobbyist thus becomes a masterly dialogue between movement and sound, an adventuresome dance trip through the cosmopolitan music world of Zita Swoon. After a successful tour through Flanders and the Netherlands, Dancing with the Sound Hobbyist can now also be seen in Brussels.

7:00 PM

What if you don’t want to go out too late or have plans for later in the evening? Want to go home by the last tram or bus (but one)? Come and see the show on Thursday 25th, at 7:00 pm! More info >>

Zita Swoon: Stef Kamil Carlens (organ, guitar, vocals), Aarich Jespers (percussion), Kapinga Gysel (vocals, xylofoon, percussion, dance), Bart Van Lierde (electric bass, contrabass), Wim Debusser (grand piano, keyboards), Amel Serra García (percussion), Eva Tshiela Gysel (vocals, xylofoon, percussion, dance) | Rosas: Simon Mayer (dance, vocals) | coaching choreography Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker | choreography Simon Mayer, Tuur Marinus, Eva Tshiela Gysel, Kapinga Gysel | musical director Stef Kamil Carlens | light design Luc Schaltin | sound (FOH) Bjorn Deberg | sound (monitoring) Johan Vandenbossche | backline Anthony Mistiaen | costume design Stef Kamil Carlens, Eva Tshiela Gysel, Kapinga Gysel | costumemaker Lut Tamsin | production manager Laurence Bourgeois | production Wolvin VZW in collaboration with Rosas | support Vlaamse Gemeenschap