Eszter Salamon [Berlin/Budapest]

Dance N° 1

Dance N° 1
Dance N° 1

27.05 – 31.05.2008

A frivolous game

Dance N° 1 is an exuberant duet by the choreographers Eszter Salamon, who has often appeared at the Kaaitheater and also at Kunstenfestivaldesarts 07, and Christine de Smedt (of Les Ballets C. de la B.). Together they composed an ingenious score that is performed several times and in which the body constantly transforms. The seriousness of the study is countered by a clever carousel of lighting, sound and costume changes that play a frivolous game with the viewer’s perceptions.

concept Eszter Salamon 
dance, choreography Christine de Smedt, Eszter Salamon 
light design Sylvie Garot 
music Terre Thaemlitz 
costumes, set Christine Rebet 
production, organization Alexandra Wellensiek 
coproduction Hebbel-am-Ufer (Berlin), Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Choreographisches Zentrum - Pact Zollverein (Essen) 
support Hauptstadtkulturfonds Berlin