Anna Mendelssohn [AT]

Cry Me A River


The Austrian actress Anna Mendelssohn incorporates dozens of talks, debates and interviews about climate change into a monologue that explores the full complexity of the subject. A procession of scientists, consultants, charlatans and people who are personally involved is paraded before our eyes. As they all claim to have the truth on their side, emotions can run high.

• Anna Mendelssohn won the 2011 Dietmar N. Schmidt Actor’s Prize with Cry Me A River. The jury concluded: ‘The accuracy and skill with which Mendelssohn records so many different voices results in a mosaic of meanings that both moves us and makes us think, thanks to the richness of her theatrical talent.’

concept, performance Anna Mendelssohn | artistic collaboration Yosi Wanunu | music Jorge Sánchez-Chiong | light design Jan Maertens | in co-operation with Tanzquartier Wien | support Cultural Department of the City of Vienna, bm:ukk, PACT Zollverein (Essen) | thanks to toxic dreams