Jonathan Burrows & Matteo Fargion [BE/UK]

Counting To One Hundred

Counting To One Hundred
Counting To One Hundred

10.02 – 11.02.2012

For the past ten years the choreographer Jonathan Burrows and composer
Matteo Fargion have been creating a furore with their deceptively simple
but humorous, virtuoso duets where dance and music enter into an
exciting relationship. It began with Both Sitting Duet (2002), The Quiet
(2005) and Speaking Dance (2006). We are now offering you their second trilogy.

After Cheap Lecture and The Cow Piece, Counting to One Hundred (2011) completes this second trilogy and again plays breathtakingly with rhythm and counterpoint, once again embroidering on the structure of Cheap Lecture.

Deborah Jowitt, the first lady among New York dance critics, wrote the
following on Cheap Lecture: ‘When I occasionally feel gloomy during some
performance or other, I’ve wished that a fed-up theater goblin would
whisk away the show I’m watching and deposit Burrows and Fargion in its
place.’ May her will be done.

'There are few performers who can hold an audience
captive like this double act… the timing of every note, shrug, laugh
and gesture is awesome. Five stars.'
The Guardian

‘Performances that dance in your mind’  Pieter T’Jonck, De Morgen

‘A bewitchingly witty dance of words and music and props’ – Deborah Jowitt on Cheap Lecture,, New York

‘The simplicity of means in Burrows and Fargion's work and the sheer fun
that pervades it seduce you into loving it. All the while it's
inexorably revealing its genius.’ –  Toby Tobias,, New

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