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Control of the Commons

Control of the Commons
Control of the Commons

Rivers are lifelines, sometimes open sewers, sometimes national borders… What is life like on and beside rivers? To find out, the artist’s co-operative Time’s Up, along with a number of colleagues, travelled along the Murray (Australia), the Danube and several Belgian canals. They used vessels built from sustainable materials and powered only by natural energy, and they spoke to residents along the way. The exhibition is a lively documentary of their travels and the stories they recorded.

• Time’s Up was started up in 1996 in Linz and focuses on interactive media and ‘machine art’.

Salon Time's Up & Crosstalks
+ book presentation Bridges Over Troubled Waters

Th 7/06 19:00 Kaaistudio’s | free, reservation required

Talk with the Time’s Up artists on their work. In addition the VUB-platform Crosstalks presents its book Bridges Over Troubled Waters. Crosstalks wants to feed and advance a future-oriented vision on sustainable policy in general and water policy in particular. The project establishes bridges between different scientific disciplines, arts, policy makers and visionary strategists. Read more on crosstalks.vub.ac.be

supported by the 2010-2011 Program of IETM-Australia Council for the Arts Collaboration Project