Savion Glover [USA]

Bare Soundz

Bare Soundz
Bare Soundz

17.06 – 18.06.2010

Although Savion Glover is still young, he is already a dance legend. In his virtuoso performances he rediscovers the tap-dancing genre. Together with his trio he brings Caribbean beats, rhythms from hip hop, jazz and even Bach to life on the dance floor. Their show is streetwise and sublime, and an infectious performance!

Savion Glover made his debut on Broadway at the age of twelve and since then has danced with some of the greatest dancers. His appearances on Sesame Street made him into a hero for children across the US. He has also created a furore in films where, for example, he danced the steps for Mumble the penguin in the highly acclaimed Happy Feet (2006), a film which won an Oscar and many other awards. Glover was previously invited to perform in Europe by both Ivo van Hove and Pina Bausch. Now he is coming to Belgium for the very first time.

Savion Glover:
‘All I have to say comes through my body and my feet.'
'Dancing Bare Soundz is like writing a song: there’s a buzz on stage that connects us, and yet, as in jazz music, each of us can tell a story in their own way.'
'Some people assume tap dancing to be an old-fashioned or dying art form; it’s part of my mission to prove them wrong.’

The Guardian: ‘Glover's relationship with his musicians, led by pianist Tommy James, is of pure jazz equals, improvising within their Coltrane-esque sound. … This concert is one any jazz fan should catch, as should any tap lover.’

Savion Glover is the tapdancing penguin in the Oscar winning movie Happy Feet (2006)

by and with Savion Glover with Marshall Davis Jr. and Maurice Chestnut | improvography Gregory Hines | concept Original Hooferz | direction & production Savion Glover Productions | Savion Glover’s tap mic’s provided by barcus - berry®