Assembly (Burning Ice #7) – Thing 001384 (Nohe)


With: Marian del Valle (choreographer/dancer/teacher dance), Sari Depreeuw (lawyer/legal scholar), Myriam Devriendt (photographer), Harry Kumakaekala Lodder (hula dancer), Marc Jacobs (historian/scholar cultural heritage/director Faro), Kristine Van Roosbroeck (glass artist) a.o.

To end this seventh Burning Ice, Agency will be presenting a second Assembly (see Day 2). Assembly (Burning Ice #7) – Thing 001384 (Nohe) concerns a conflict about a stained glass artwork entitled Nohe, between Kim Taylor Reece, a professional photographer, and Marylee Colucci. The stained glass depicts a female dancer performing hula kahiko. Reece claimed that the stained glass was based on his photograph of a hula performance, entitled Makanani. During the 2006 court case “Reece v. Island Treasures” at the United States District Court in Hawaii, Judge Seabright had to decide if Colucci's stained glass used the photograph or simply the 'folklore' Nohe dance.