Joanna Macy Inspiration afternoon on her thought

Active Hope: how to confront the chaos without going mad


The world-renowned 89-year-old ecofeminist Joanna Macy wants more than passive hope. Why do we wait for impulses from outside to effect genuine change? In her latest book, Active Hope – recently translated into Dutch – she offers concrete instruments for you to play an active role in the ‘Great Revolution’, geared towards a feasible and sustainable future for the environment, humanity, and society.

This inspiration afternoon alternates between Joanna Macy’s exercises and inspiring testimonies from people who are writing new narratives: Natalie Eggermont (Climate Express), Kristin Verellen (Circles - We Have the Choice) and Kristien De Boodt (De Plukboerderij). Macy will open the afternoon with a recorded message that she is preparing especially for the day.

presented by Kaaitheater & Waerbeke
moderated by Tamara Lenaerts (She&Company) & Fanny Matheusen (Goesthing)