Eleanor Bauer [US/BE]

A Dance For The Newest Age (the triangle piece)

A Dance For The Newest Age (the triangle piece)
A Dance For The Newest Age (the triangle piece)

10.02 – 12.02.2011

The audience sits on three sides of an equilateral triangle. In the middle, six dancers perform through a system of shifting tripartite symmetries. Inhabiting three-fold paradigms such as solid-liquid-gas, past-present-future, nature-society-spirituality, head-heart-hand, idea-material-form, or sensation-imagination-expression, the emergent relationships negotiate balance, tuning, order and entropy.

Working on the 'invisible' principles governing matter and movement, choreographer Eleanor Bauer questions what we think we know about the body and space through concepts of energy both new and ancient. Hand-in-hand with original music by Chris Peck, lighting design by Bardia Mohammad, costumes by Ada Rajszys and a brilliant cast of performers, A Dance for The Newest Age (the triangle piece) brings dance to the fore and lets the triangle speak for itself in a crash course collision between antiquity and science fiction, fact and fantasy, hard matter and soft subjects.

• In 2004, while still a student at PARTS, Bauer created the hilarious solo ELEANOR! This was followed by Dig my aura (2007) and At Large (2008). This season, she performed in Rosas’ The Song and presented (BIG GIRLS DO BIG THINGS), her exuberant solo that brought last season’s WoWmen! Festival to such a superb close.

‘Eleanor Bauer is scary-smart, brave and a born performer; her witty solo ELEANOR!, a sharply executed diatribe about dancing, proves that timing is a wondrous thing. More, please.’ – TimeOut New York

concept, choreography Eleanor Bauer | created and performed by Eleanor Bauer, Cecilia Lisa Eliceche, Dolores Hulan, Thibault Lac, Naiara Mendioroz, Liz Kinoshita, Anna Whaley | dramaturgy Jeroen Peeters| lighting Bardia Mohammad | production Caravan Production for Good Move vzw | co-production Kaaitheater, Vooruit (Gent), STUK (Leuven) | in collaboration with BUDA (Kortrijk) | support Flemish Government, Flemish Community Commission of the Brussels Capital Region