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dance - Season 14/15

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Cullberg Ballet / Jefta van Dinther

A magical, sensual, almost psychedelic performance in which the bodies of the dancers, materials, light and sound play an equally important role. Nine dancers, as one strong community, enter into a confrontation with ropes, cables and high platforms in this first group choreography by the Swedish-Dutch choreographer Jefta van Dinther.

Zita Swoon Group

Stef Kamil Carlens has a thing about Dada. This concert performance is based on a film reconstructing a Dadaist performance at the Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich, held in 1916. It contains all the elements that are used in Nothing That Is Everything: costumes, dance, music, rhythm, poetry, a confusion (of tongues) and humour. For this new performance Zita Swoon Group is collaborating with Jan Lauwers' Needcompany.

Jonathan Burrows & Matteo Fargion / Manon de Boer & George Van Dam

PERFORMATIK 2015 - The latest offering in an already impressive series of amusing and slightly anarchic performances by choreographer Jonathan Burrows and musician Matteo Fargion, Body Not Fit for Purpose is their first blatantly political work.

In English
Germaine Kruip

PERFORMATIK 2015 - With their ritual, circular movements dancing dervishes (Sufi Muslims) attempt to reach a state of religious transcendence. For A Possibility of an Abstraction: Square Dance Germaine Kruip asked the dervishes to break through the circle and introduce square patterns into the dance ritual.

Trajal Harrell

Since 2001 dancer and choreographer Trajal Harrell has created five wonderful performances in which he allows postmodern dance and the popular voguing dance style, both from the sixties, to sniff around each other. Antigone Sr. is the culminating work. Harrell examines the relationship between the voguing tradition and classical Greek theatre, in which men played both male and female roles.

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