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dance - Season 14/15

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Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Boris Charmatz & Amandine Beyer

Two dancers’ bodies and a violinist enclosed in a space designed by the visual artist Michel François. The violinist Amandine Beyer plays Bach’s Partita no. 2 for solo violin on the stage. Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and Boris Charmatz seek to reinvent their dance in the instant: in between the labyrinthine lines of the living architecture of the music.

Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods & Münchner Kammerspiele

Five performers travel through the history of the dance – and possibly into its future. Time and time again they enter an impressive new world. Their constant effort to stay upright reveals inherent vulnerability. In Built to Last Meg Stuart works for the first time with existing classical music.


For Golden Hours Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker will work with the pop icon and master of ambient music, Brian Eno. The dancers themselves will deconstruct and reconstruct Eno’s songs, stretching, condensing and altering our notion of time.

Rachid Ouramdane

The French choreographer Rachid Ouramdane has created a ‘sfumato’ choreography in which the scenes flow into one another and the boundaries of the bodies appear to dissolve. The dancers evolve in a landscape of mist and rain. The choreography is a metaphor for several ecological themes: the loss of habitats, the exile to unknown places, the memory that remains..

Christine De Smedt & Eszter Salamon

Two dancers appear on stage. They make noises, touch one another, move, explore each other’s bodies and so, in a ping-pong game of question and answer, invent a language – language as a ‘by-product’ of any artistic or love relationship. 

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