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dance - Season 12/13

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Gaëtan Bulourde

To celebrate the centenary of the Sacre du Printemps we commissioned Gaëtan Bulourde to write a new version of this impressive work. He created a ‘poor’ but humorous version. A collage of music, text and dance which is similar to the cubist character of Stravinsky’s work.

Maria Hassabi

For Hassabi every performance is like a first performance: she physically challenges the dancers to such an extent that a rough, non-theatrical, fragile form emerges. This is accentuated even further by the use of light. In this piece, light is as important a ‘body’ as the dancers.

Lia Rodrigues

How do we manage to live together? By mixing individuals until they all merge together? By recognizing boundaries and identities? Choreographer Lia Rodrigues examines these questions in her new production, Pindorama. This is part three of a triptych about the relationship between the individual and the group. Parts one and two were staged in Kaaitheater in 2010 and 2011. Pindorama was the original name of Brazil before the arrival of the Europeans.

Daniel Linehan

The Karaoke Dialogues is a comedy in which Linehan applies the choreographic principles of karaoke (you read that right!) to the great classics of the literary and philosophical canon.

In English; surtitled in Dutch and French
Meg Stuart / Damaged Goods

In Sketches/Notebook the actions of dancers, actors, musicians, set, lighting and costume designers enter into dialogue with one another as equals. One powerful image succeeds another. You are repeatedly swept along by the image, movement and music, and are inevitably drawn into this bizarre and intimate ritual.

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