Commissioned by Kaaitheater
Meggy Rustamova [GE/BE]


81 Rue Notre-Dame du Sommeil, 1000 Brussels
€ 5
40 m.
video: ongoing, on different locations
installation: We 27/02 20:00>23:00 + Th 28/02 19:30>22:30 @ Kaaistudio’s | free
Meggy Rustamova is creating a video and a performance for Performatik. The title refers to a ‘disrupted’ place, an ‘in-between space’ that you enter on your way to somewhere else. You appear to know where you are going, yet the new place is a mystery. (dis)Location examines fiction and reality and the transition between the two. When do situations become fictional? The performance is based on spontaneity, chance, and what may or not be expected.

• Meggy Rustamova is a student at the HISK (Ghent). Her work has been shown at the 2012 Watou Festival and at the SMAK a.o.