Maria Hassabi & Jimmy Robert [US/BE]

Counter-relief (Kaai) 2013

81 Rue Notre-Dame du Sommeil, 1000 Brussels
€ 5
40 m.
no reductions
INSTALLATION: installation Sa 23/02 15:00>18:00 | free
a Kaaitheater co-production
Visual artist Jimmy Robert and choreographer Maria Hassabi will present an extended version of their collaborative work, Counter-relief. Robert created two versions, for the Berlin Biennial of Contemporary Art in 2008 and the Kunsthalle Bern in 2009. In 2011 he created a third version together with Hassabi, for the Center for Curatorial Studies Bard College in New York. Hassabi’s choreographic experience directs and experiments with various ways in which the body engages with the established formal elements from Robert’s previous iterations: a black and white 16mm film, a collection of wooden planks, and a non-linear abstract text. Following the performance, the projected film, the resultant wooden plank object-sculpture, and text remain precisely in the place they were left, revealing a movement-inscribed installation.

Maria Hassabi is a director, choreographer and performer. Throughout her career, she has had ongoing collaborations with artists from various disciplines. Jimmy Robert is a graduate of Goldsmiths, University of London, and the Rijksakademie, Amsterdam. He lives and works in Brussels.  He has exhibited at Tate Britain and WIELS a.o.

created and performed by Maria Hassabi and Jimmy Robert | developed through a residency at Kaaitheater in February 2013 | co-production Kaaitheater | support Rebecca and Martin Eisenberg Student Exhibition Fund,  the Mitzi and Warren Eisenberg Family Foundation, the Audry and Sydney Irmas Charitable Foundation, the Board of Governors of the Center for Curatorial Studies, the Center's Patrons, Supporters, and Friends, the Monique Beudert Award Fund