Superamas [AT/FR]


20 square Sainctelette, 1000 Brussels
€ 16/12
1 h 05 m.
In English
SOUL FOOD: conversation with Superamas
Saturday 8/12 18:00>20:00 Kaaitheater | EN | € 12, incl. dinner
In “THEATRE” the Superamas focus their sights on ‘the illusion of politics and the politics of illusion’. In the Renaissance, painters used the then new technique of perspective to order and frame the world. Today we are bombarded with digital images that still do the same thing: limit and manipulate our view of reality.

The Superamas French-Austrian performer collective bring us real people, actors, 3D images and avatars in a dazzling, sexy show.
In the last few seasons you may have seen Superamas at work in their BIG trilogy, in Empire and YOUDREAM, smart performances in which they criticised our media culture with an oblique humour.

‘A hilarious trip into a reverse Arab-Western reality.’  (De Standaard)

• On Saturday 8/12 you can enjoy the second instalment of our Soul Food series before the performance: while you get a bite to eat, Pieter T’Jonck will talk to the Superamas about their work.

Superamas' "THEATRE" has a key word : Perspective. Referring of course to the painting technique that allowed artists to shape depth on a flat surface but also Perspective as a viewpoint from which we look out into the world. Playing with famous political characters (Muammar Gaddafi, Nicholas Sarkozy, Ariel Sharon...)

Superamas sets a playful fictionous and political scenario onto stage. Belgium is at stake. Belgium is in danger. Thank god a coalition from Mediterranean countries decided to march in and liberate Belgium. The Perspective has shifted. Let us celebrate with Turkey, U.S.I.P (United State of Israel and Palestine), Qatar a.o... this new military intervention for freedom and democracy.

"THEATRE" is using every means and media to make this shift of Perspective happen. Jazz dance, video clip, text theatre, animated 3D pictures, breaking news TV clip, contemporary dance, political speeches... everything! ... to make sure we experience the horror of propaganda that inevitably leads to war.

Not to be forgotten, "THEATRE" is a comedy. A sweet-sour comedy. Where emotion meets reflection upon our western standpoint.

« What would you say if I told you I wanna leave the army? Why can't I move on and do something more … creative! »
« Creative what??  You caught so many terrorists, it's an art! You're like a Rembrandt with a grenade! ».

(excerpt from "You Don't Mess with the Zohan" by Dennis Dugan)

written and directed by Superamas | performed by Lucie Eidenbenz, Karen Lambaek, Lieve de Pourcq, Faris Endris Rahoma, Bahar Temiz and Superamas | set design Superamas | light design Henri-Emmanuel Doublier | sound Superamas | motion capture concept and program Pierre Gufflet | 3D images design Superamas in collaboration with TechnocITé Mons/Belgium, CCCP/France and Howest Kortrijk/Belgium, Kevin Marien | real-time 3D engine Pierre Gufflet, Superamas and CCCP/France | computered 3D animation CCCP/France, Howest Kortrijk/Belgium, Kevin Marien and Superamas | technical supervisor Pierre Gufflet | costumes Sofie Durnez | video Superamas | workshop Prototoutyp | stage manager Martin Schwab | produced by Superamas | co-produced by Art Center Vooruit/Belgium, Maribor European Cultural Capital 2012/Slovenia, Künstlerhaus Mousonturm (in the frame of Frankfurter Positionen 2013- eine Initiative der BHF-BANK-Stiftung)/Germany, Maison de la Culture d’Amiens – Centre de création et de production/France, Szene Salzburg/Austria, Tanzquartier Wien/Austria, Stereolux, Nantes/France, CECN Manège Mons/Belgium, Impulstanz, Vienna/Austria, EN-KNAP, Ljubljana/Slovenia | in collaboration with Buda Art Center, Kortrijk/Belgium, La Gaîté Lyrique, Paris/France, TechnocITé Mons/Belgium, Howest Kortrijk/Belgium, mokum/Belgium, l'Avant-Seine, Théâtre de Colombes/France, Agglomération Maubeuge-Val de Sambre, Gare Numérique de Jeumont/France, Internationales Figurentheaterfestival Erlangen/Germany | supported by The City of Vienna/Austria, Ministry of Education, Art and Culture/Austria, Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles d'Ile-de-France, Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication/France, DICRéAM, Centre National du cinéma et de l’image animée/France, l'Institut Français, Ministère des Affaires étrangères et européennes in the frame of the "Théâtre export" program/France, the Flemish Community/Belgium, apap – performinmg europe!/EU, Austrian Cultural Forum in Brussels and Ljubljana, Pôle Images Nord-Pas de Calais (avec le soutien du Conseil Régional Nord-Pas de Calais, de Lille Métropole Communauté Urbaine et du Centre Régional de Ressources Audiovisuelles Nord-Pas de Calais)/France, ONDA-office national de diffusion artistique | thanks to Sandra Noeth, Luc Moreau | this project has been funded with support from the European Commission | Brussels performances supported by the Austrian Cultural Forum in Brussels
een hilarische trip naar een omgekeerde Arabisch-westerse realiteit Liv Laveyne
De Standaard, 28/11/2012
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Khadaffi stoot koning Albert van de troon**** Pieter T'Jonck
De Morgen, 22/11/2012
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